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More Support For Medical Marijuana In Germany

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Medical cannabis reforms

Medical marijuana is well on its way to becoming legal in Germany. The lawmakers in Germany are looking at the medical benefits of cannabis positively. Many other countries in Europe have already made the medical marijuana legal. Already there is plenty of support for such a measure in the German medical community and they have welcomed this decision.

The current marijuana laws in Germany

The use of medical marijuana is legal only in very rare cases as per the German law. This law has so far allowed only about 40 patients in the country to use the drug. The thousands of other patients who needed the drug were not eligible for it under the current law.

Doctors have repeatedly argued that medical marijuana is a great help to their patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc. However, the lawmakers were reluctant to make any changes to the existing law.

The medical benefits of cannabis

The cannabis plant contains many cannabinoids of which the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is just one of them. Many of these cannabinoids have medical properties that make them useful in the treatment of many life-threatening diseases.

The many health organisations in Germany have expressed their support to the purposed legislation. The organisations like the German Epilepsy Association, German AIDS Support Society, the German Society for Pain Therapy, etc have jointly issued a declaration titled ‘The Berlin Declaration’ which asks the German lawmakers to make the medical marijuana legal and allow more research on it.

The Berlin Declaration

The declaration referred to ‘The Frankfurt Declaration’ of 1998, which similarly called for the legalization of medical marijuana. The declaration points to the fact that though ‘The Frankfurt Declaration’ was not a success, the evidence available today vindicates its call.

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Cannabis-based medicines

All the research conducted on cannabis since 1998, has proved that there are indeed some medical applications to the natural herb. The medical benefits of the cannabinoid Dronabinol present in cannabis have been scientifically proven. However, a patient using Dronabinol is not eligible to claim health insurance for its use.

The signatories of ‘The Berlin Declaration’ urge the government to take the necessary steps to bring the scientifically proven medical cannabinoids under the health insurance cover. The other demand is to exempt the patients who use medical cannabis for treatment from legal prosecution.

The declaration also calls on the lawmakers to encourage scientific research on medical cannabis. Let us hope that the German lawmakers will get it right this time.

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