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Medical Benefits Of Marijuana In Humans

Medical benefits of cannabis

Benefits of marijuana

Marijuana is prepared from shredded stem, leaves and flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is the most widespread drug used by thousands of people illegally. Other names of marijuana include pot, weed, grass and cannabis. They are consumed by mixing it in food or inhaling. The effects of marijuana are attributed to the component THC in it, which spreads to your whole body through the bloodstreams. This element reacts with the components of brain and gives you the ‘high’ effect.

Even though many people use marijuana as an illegal drug to get the ‘stoned’ effect, many doctors have started to research on the effects of marijuana on their patients with various illness. Thousands of patients in United States use marijuana to relieve from the pain. Most of them hope that the concerned authorities would soon recognize benefits of cannabis and the drug would be more easily available and accessible. However, these efforts have not pleased the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA and they still list marijuana as a schedule 1 drug.

Many researches take place to find out the medical benefits of Cannabis. These include the study by different doctors. An example is the study done by the doctors in Meir Medical Center. They treat the Crohn’s disease sufferers with the help of marijuana and are in research to find out how they can help in recovering these patients from the inflammatory bowel disease.

Researchers in California Pacific Medical Centre, San Francisco focus their study on the effects of cannabadiol. The study aims at finding out how the cannabadiol in marijuana acts on the metastatic cancer cells. These are aggressive cancer cells and multiply at a very fast rate. This marijuana compound cannabadiol or CBD in short, successfully disrupts the tumor cells. The researchers took five years and the tests were carried out on animals. The scan results prove to be successful and researchers are planning to carry on with their research and hoping to carry out these tests on humans soon.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Medical marijuana uses

If the research works that take place at different places prove to be successful, we may soon find marijuana made legal. However, it is important that the medical benefits of cannabis are not misused by a few. Stringent measures should be taken by the federal government to stop misusing such laws. Let us hope that these research works bring about positive results and may benefit the large number of patients suffering.

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