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Drug Cartel Busted With Marijuana In Queensland

Growing cannabis outdoors

Outdoor cannabis cultivation

Marijuana has been regarded as an illegal drug since a very long time. However, the attitude of people towards the drug is gradually becoming casual. Police officials have been continuously raiding several illegal marijuana plantations, and seizing drugs worth millions from all across the globe.

Recently, police officials busted a drug dealing squad in Queensland, Australia. The drug cartel tried to enter the Bundaberg market, a region where several estates have been spotted for growing cannabis outdoors in the past two – three decades.

The group was charged with drug trafficking, when the officials caught them red-handed, unloading cannabis and amphetamines. The gang of five men included two men from rural Victoria, one Echuca resident, and a 58-year-old man from Kyabram.

The local detectives worked along with the State Drug Investigation Unit and raided the consignment where they seized around 25 pounds of marijuana. They also discovered around 47 marijuana plants in an Avoca property. The raid was the result of a prolonged operation and the amount of drugs seized is estimated to be worth $150,000. Police officials also seized cash, ammunition and three cars in the raid.

Bundaberg District Operations Coordinator, Acting Inspector Joe Hildred said to the media that it is assumed that the seized cannabis was grown hydroponically, as it is of a higher quality. Hydroponic marijuana is the indoor cultivation of pot, which does not require soil, and the crop contains high concentrations of THC levels, much more of what can be attained while growing cannabis outdoors.

Hydroponic marijuana

                  Growing cannabis indoors

Bundaberg has been the center for marijuana cultivation alongside Gympie, Burdekin, and Cairns for a long time. This attracts the drug cartels from other provinces to try their luck in the drug market. Det Acting Inspector Hildred said that the involvement of interstate marijuana is the result of police official’s raids that have been destroying the local plantations during last few years.

“Perhaps because we target that kind of drug activity up here, it is easier to bring marijuana in the state in grown form, than to grow it here. There is more of a likelihood that you are going to get caught in a smaller environment like Bundaberg,” he said.

He also mentioned that the drug mafia would have targeted marijuana sales in Queensland. “It happens quite regularly. There is a large quantity of cannabis that comes up from Victoria and South Australia, and is marketed into the northern states,” he added.

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