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Harmful Effects In Pregnant Women Smoking Weed

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Marijuana is a drug, and is otherwise known as weed, cannabis or pot. It is widely smoked by people all across the country, and has no lack of admirers or loyalists. It’s recently been found that the majority crave weed, and conduct protests towards the end of legalizing it.

Different people experience different effects from marijuana, though it’s largely undisputed that the kick it gives is what draws the users towards the next puff. Marijuana is quite addictive; hence the craving it elicits in users. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabonil is the psychoactive substance that creates the addiction. Using marijuana on a frequent basis would cause altered consciousness, euphoria, lethargy, relaxation, hallucination and other results.

There are pregnant women who smoke marijuana. A lot of them do not give a second’s thought to what this could do to the fetus. The after effects of smoking weed while pregnant can be devastating. Smoking marijuana would affect the blood supply to the fetus. The oxygen supply to the fetus also gets reduced, after smoking weed. This would make the newborn baby suffer severe health conditions like jaundice, infections, and other severe health problems. Smoking marijuana can even increase the death rate in infants.

Marijuana, when rolled into a cigarette, essentially has tobacco thrown in with it. Use of these additives while smoking weed can affect the growing fetus. Thus, the baby is exposed to the evil effects of weed, as well as the side effects from substances that are used besides.

The effects of smoking weed while pregnant can be quite shocking – it can affect or alter the brain development of the baby. The babies of mothers who smoked weed suffered ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome, leukemia, impaired social interaction, impaired motion and other diseases. These few common problems are generally seen in babies whose moms smoked up while carrying them.

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Harmful effects of smoking weed

Smoking weed has already been treated as a severe health hazard. Keeping this fact in mind, that it causes harm even to normal adults, its effect on pregnant women cannot be avoided. Completely avoiding the usage of marijuana while pregnant can save the life of the newborn baby, and prevent infant death syndrome. Hence women who are prone to smoking weed can learn about the harmful effects that they could bring to the growing fetus, and stop using it at the earliest.

It would be better for pregnant women to follow healthy food habits, and avoid smoking marijuana and tobacco.

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